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    "Advanced words in English" vs. "Advanced English words"

    Hi, my ESL teacher presented us with a lesson called "Advanced English words".

    I don't know why but I felt this formulation to be a little weird and that the better expression would be "Advanced words in English".

    Any thoughts on this?

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    Re: "Advanced words in English" vs. "Advanced English words"

    I don't think I agree, they are both so-so. It's not really the words themselves that are advanced. Advanced probably refers more properly to the student, or by extension, to the lessons prepared for them, even the vocabulary in them. But words? To me they are all equal in their own way, and may be more or less common, more or less colloquial, but not more or less advanced.

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    Re: "Advanced words in English" vs. "Advanced English words"

    Beginners learn basic vocabulary when they first start. Advanced users don't necessarily know a lot od 'advanced vocabulary'. They know how to use their basic vocabulary in advanced ways.

    For example, there are many common, basic nouns in English that even the most elementary student knows, but which have a lesser known (yet useful) verbal meaning:

    age, air, back, boss, bottle, card, chair, egg, eye, foot, kid, milk, store, table, time, toy, view, voice, word.


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