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    Exclamation Talk, Talking.. Usage


    I have come across different usages of the words talk and talking, but I am unaware of the meaning which is being derived of that specific usage.

    Talk a person down.
    Gain agreement by talking.
    Talking a person over.
    Talking a person round.

    What do these expressions mean and where can they be used?


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    Re: Talk, Talking.. Usage


    Phrasal Verbs:
    talk around
    To persuade: I talked them around to my point of view.
    2. To speak indirectly about: talked around the subject but never got to the point.

    talk at To address orally with no regard for or interest in a reaction or response.

    talk back
    To make an impertinent or insolent reply.
    2. To make a belligerent response: heavy guns talking back.

    talk down
    To depreciate: talked down the importance of the move.
    2. To speak with insulting condescension: talked down to her subordinates.
    3. To silence (a person), especially by speaking in a loud and domineering manner.
    4. To direct and control (the flight of an aircraft during an approach for landing) by radioed instructions either from the ground or a nearby aircraft.

    talk out
    To discuss (a matter) exhaustively: I talked out the problem with a therapist.
    2. To resolve or settle by discussion.
    3. Chiefly British To block (proposed legislation) by filibustering.

    talk over
    1. To consider thoroughly in conversation; discuss: talked the matter over.
    2. To win (someone) over by persuasion: talked them over to our side.

    talk up
    To speak in favor of; promote: talked the candidate up; talked up the new product.
    2. To speak up in a frank, often insolent manner.

    talk - definition of talk by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.

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