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Thread: Full time DELTA

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    Full time DELTA

    Hello from Dunedin, New Zealand!

    I have been searching the web for a full time DELTA course, (i.e. attending classes in person; studying all three modules), but I haven't had any luck... I've heard that such a course can be completed in 3 months.
    Do you know if this is correct?

    Does anyone know of such a course? ANYWHERE in the world??!!

    Best regards,


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    Re: Full time DELTA

    I found this lot who do it once a year: Learn Spanish language and speak Spanish Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Chile - Learn English, French, German language
    About DELTA. Cambridge RSA English ESL/EFL teacher training course in San Francisco.
    I searched with DELTA intensive course esl and there are a few. No idea about how good they are, though.

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    Re: Full time DELTA

    Many thanks Tdol... I haven't been using 'intensive' in my searches... Good thinking!!

    I am still learning how to navigate my way around these pages. At times, I get lost and can't find what I was looking at earlier!! At the risk of not finding THIS page again, I will have to rely on my memory, so please excuse me if Tdol is incorrect...

    I shall have a look at the link in San Francisco and see what they are offering... Thanks again,


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