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    Red face Business English Communication


    Can you suggest any ebook/weblink/article to improve spoken and written business english?


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    Re: Business English Communication

    Quote Originally Posted by anupumh View Post

    Can you suggest any ebook/weblink/article to improve spoken and written business english?


    Sample Letters - Sample Business Letters and Sample Forms

    Business Writing: My Best Tip for ESL Writers

    ESL and EFL Site Links (The ESL EFL Pages ) - The first three links are for business English.

    You could get some creative ideas for lessons here: Do-It-Yourself English Teaching Activities. Or you could just find out what your students need to practice.

    Useful Expressions for Practicing Business English Language

    One of these days - who knows when - there should be more material here for lesson ideas - one of these days. Business Pages (The ESL EFL Pages )

    Macmillan Business English Online - Download Podcasts for the Business

    Lesson 1****** Money

    Learn English - Audio and video english podcasts - EnglishPod

    Business White Papers, Webcasts and Case Studies | BNET- You could end up getting email advertisements if you create an account to read full articles here, but it depends on the articles you choose. There are some good articles here, however. I'm very selective. I've used a few, though not recently.

    ?????????? - SCORE Reading Room

    Business - EzineArticles - There are mistakes in some of the articles at Ezine, but they're good articles. They just need editing and better proofreading.
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