Hi, everyone. I have a hard time to understand what this eassay write about. I know what it says, but I cannot get the point.

Here is the essay guidline:

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for aday. Teach a man to ish and he will eat for a lifetiem." you have seen how Paul Farmer gives fish(free medical care), but also teaches Haitians how to fish (training Haitians to work at teh hospital). (We are also required to read a book about P.F.)

Think of some problem or issue or situation.( It could be personal, such as how to help your children with their homework, or more global, such as how the U.S. should help Iraq.)

Write an essay in which you discuss the best way to manage that situation(give someone a fish, teach someone to fish, or a use some combination of the two.) Use examples to support your argument (experiences, gypothetical situations, reasearch, examples from MBM.)


1. Am I support to write an essay to relate to the book I read?

2. Is it a "agree or disagree" essay? I need to find a problem in real life and give the solution("teaches them fish or give them fish").Then, give some examples to proof it - bodies.

Is it so? Could you please explain to me in details, and give the direction? Be more specifit..