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Thread: a qyestion

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    a qyestion

    I want to know the meaning of the foolowing sentence
    "Each hatchway gaped wide open, and from the lower depths the shrieking donkey-engines were hurrying the misassorted outfits skyward"
    it is a part of Jack ’s London novel "A daughter of the snows"chapter one

    thanks for your help and effort

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    Re: a qyestion

    Welcome to the forums.

    The ships are in dock and unloading. On the ships there are hatches in the decks through which the cargo is loaded or unloaded. The donkey engines are working the cranes that are taking the crates from the ships' holds and transferring them to the dock.

    Donkey engines are auxiliary steam-powered winches originally used in logging: the Free Online Encyclopedia of Washington State History

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    Re: a question

    thanks for the help
    that was pretty quick


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