Graphs and tables

The graph illustrates the changes in car ownership between 1972 and 2002 in UK. According to it, there was a gradual change during this period regarding the percentage of house holders owning from 0 to 3 cars or more.

Taking a general overview, we can see that the percentage of owners having a car or van is the highest, and the ones having 3 cars is the lowest, going up from about 1% in 1972 to a 5% in 2002 . In 1972 under 50% of house holders did not have a car. This figure had a dramatic decrease reaching a 30% in 2002. Whereas, the percentage of owners having 2 cars increased sharply from 1979 to 1996 reaching a highest peak of 20%.

Surprisingly, among the main methods of travel to work in the UK in 2002, car or van is the most popular, followed by going on foot. Whereas, motorbike or scooter and other means are the least favourite. People in Scotland travel more by bus or coach, rather than in Wales where 4.5% use them.

As a final point, it is interesting to note that travelling by motorbke has a low percentange and it was only recorded in England.