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    Hi! ^^

    Hello! My name is Stefanie! I’m 15 years old and I’m from Vietnam. My hobbies are eating, sleeping, chatting and shopping (just like other girls lol). I also keen on music, movies and games online ^^ I love learning English and making friends too ^^ Hope I can be a useful member of this forum so that we can be friends and help each other solve English problems And I just want to say: Nice to meet you!
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    My frist problems are:
    _How can I say that “I trust somebody who I shouldn’t trust and I don’t believe somebody who I should believe”? using nice words in a nice way please T.T
    _Which adjective do we use to talk about a person who have… a lot of character, or …a lot of personalities, and that person seems to be …complicated!
    I kindly hope the teachers and other members can help me with these problem ^^ Thanks!

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    Re: Hi! ^^

    nobody helps me? T.T


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