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  1. Moreen

    Have I answered this correctly-Possessive/Plural

    Hi thankyou so much for explaing how to identify single possessive from plural possesive , please can you check if I have answred them correctly , (fingers crossed I have answered them right)

    Question is asking me to identify the subject as either:

    A represents possessive form or
    B represents whether it uses the possessive plural form

    1. The boy's toy = A
    2. The girls' school= B
    3. The mice's cage= A
    4. The countries' leaders= B
    5. The man's pyjamas= A
    6. The teacher's books= A
    7. The child's parents= A
    8. Deirdre's company= A
    9. Children's games= B
    10. The woman's hats= B
    11. The employees' office= A
    12. My daughters' children= A

    Thankyou very much

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    Re: Have I answered this correctly-Possessive/Plural

    Great job Moreen.

    Please look at these one more time:

    3. mice's = A (singular)
    10. woman's = B (plural)
    11. employees' = A (singular)
    12. daughters' = A (singular)

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