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    writting persuasive request letter Urgent

    ok this is the story u and ur bro decide to take our parents 25th wedding anniversary to this restorant called Tommy Tunna it is the hottest restaurant in town. it is busy every night of the week nd reservations are highly recommanded. the head chef at Tommy Tuna is very popular nd many articles have been written about her in the local newspaper. in the restaourant the entrance cost $ 25. so u called several weeks in advance nd made a reservation for four ppl.

    so ur group arrived at Tommy Tuna five min early for 7 p.m. u were serprised that u were kept waiting more than 20 min for a table. unfortunatly, when the hostess finally led u to ur table u were disappointed to find that u were seated in the back near the washroom. not only that the hostess had to move two tables together one round one and one square ont to accommodate ur group. the diff shape of the table made the seating arrangments awkward nd left little room for everyone to fit comfortably. u mentioned this to hostess but she didnt offer to move u to another table nd made no effort to improve the situation. in fact she was a bit rude nd said that there was a line up of ppl at the door who would be more than willing to take ur table.u want to talk to the manager about it but ur mom insisted that the table is was fine so u stoped. but ur family had the perfect time. u nd ur bro splid the cost which was $ 325. however u cant help thinking about the way u were treated at the biginning of the evening. so u decide to write a letter to the general manager to let them know the experiance. so u r writting persuasive request letter .

    Can anyone please prepare this letter i am write general instructions.I am not good in english.Please i need to urgent can anyone prepare this letter will be highly appreciated


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    Re: writting persuasive request letter Urgent

    We don't write people's assignments for them.

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    Re: writting persuasive request letter Urgent

    If you could write this long preamble, you could definitely write the letter itself, post it here and see people's comments/corrections.

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