Take a map and a bottle of water, ride my lovely bicycle. Start! To two places where I have always wanted to go but never been to...Shanghai Tianzifang and Shanghai Xintiandi. Passed through Huangpu river by boat, it is nearly 20 minutes riding time to Tianzifang, it is at the cross Jianguo west road and Ruijin Road. Tianzifang is a block that all of the building is transformed and furnished by old house, those house are lived in by ordinary pepople in the past years .There are pub, caffe, crafts shop, studio and gallery in the block ,walking along winding alley or sit down for drinking, you can find all that you favorite and wanted ,passion or quiet, classic or pop, friend or lover...It can be said that tianzifang is the most representative of old shanghai. With me, most foreign friends like Tianzifang almost than other place.
Next station is Shanghai Xintiandi, it is not far from Tianzifang, also at Luwan District. Before I just know Xintiandi Plaza, I have missed the pub street that is similarly famous in Shanghai. Both sides of the pub street is old house. Unlike Tianzifang, those house are lived in by nobles, officials and wealthy in the past. These house are tall and gorgeous, the street is also wider than Tianzifang. Here is visitors crowd and extremely lively. The biggest discovery is that Xintiandi has the most handsome guy and the beauty. Aha, if you like new shanghai, you must be Xintiandi where you can find open and inclusive spirit expressed by shanghai.

Ps. Alley is called nongtang in chinese.