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    am, is, are?

    Hi teachers,

    I have 2 challenging questions which I'd really like some help with answering.

    1) Why does English have different verb forms depending on Person?

    e.g. I = am, you = are, he/she = is etc.

    Why can't it be I am, you am, he/she am?

    2) Why do we use 'were' when using the subjunctive mood?
    i.e. why is it correct to say 'If I were a bird' instead of 'If I was a bird'?

    Thank you!

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    Re: am, is, are?

    Hello I am 'The French',

    Most European languages have Latin origin and it is simply like that. I speak French, Portuguese and Spanish and in these three languages it is the same.

    It is like in Japanese, why you write the verb before the subject ? (example : watashi wa).

    Hope it's help you.

    Have a nice day.


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