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    The stainless steel cup fell onto the floor?

    Hello Everyone,

    Can you tell me the standard expression about the following context and its relevant expressions?

    Early yesterday evening, my son had fried chicken leg holding a cup of water at the table. He ate and hummed to himself, inattentively he made the cup fall and roll onto the floor, and the water spread onto the table as well as the floor!

    Under such circumstances, two responses normally!

    1. The parents or seniors will respond quietly and say" it doesn't matter, just mop the water away!... or something like that "

    2. They will say angrily to the kids that " why not careful, how are you doing... or other dirty words..." ( Sorry I don't know the standard expression at all)

    I am wondering here whether you can present here some usual spoken response or expression of the underlined?

    Many thanks!



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    Re: The stainless steel cup fell onto the floor?

    Don't worry. We can mop it up/clean it up/wipe it up.

    Darn it! You need to be more careful! Look at this big mess you made!

    Or something in between: You need to be more careful so you don't spill. Now go get a towel and we can clean/wipe it up.

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