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    Correct the grammar please.

    Please check the grammar and correct the paragraph:
    Hope you are well. I am eagerly waiting for you.
    I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow you can find the keys near the white window and from the station you need to take the Bus number 209 towards regents park and then get off at the 4th stop i.e. ridgeway; walk for 2 minutes and you will see the house number 11. :=)
    I will be home by around 6 pm. Mean while you can watch TV, there are some comedy program cds in the brown shelf as well and i have put thai food already in the freezer so you can have it with some bread.
    You just need to warm it for 20 mins in the oven and it will ready.
    Tea bags and sugar is near the fridge.
    Please call me anytime if you don't find anything or you need something else.
    I will see you in the evening and then we will have fun.


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    Re: Correct the grammar please.

    Can somebody Please tell me if the above paragraph is correct or not?

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