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    Post An Unexpected Experience That caused Discontentment

    I have ever encountered various kinds of emotional issues in my life. I am lucky enough to get a feeling of elation and thrill by the time my good fortune gives a smile to me. I am sometime filled with a gush of depression, sadness as well as unexpected phenomena. At that time, I get used to encouraging myself from such ups and downs. I think that this problems are not only for me to suffer and solve. It is the Buddish way of life. Nevetheless, I still have an experience that linger on my heart. I want to prelude is that it was not a good or expected phenomena for me.
    I was clever enough to pass the matriculation examination with all flying colors in June, 2009. After this examination had passed, I prepared in order to sit for G.C.E "O" Level exam. I have intention to go for education to New Zealand or Australia to study computer engineering which I interested most since my childhood.
    One day in July, there was a seminar at the Trader's Hotel. One of my friends asked me to accompany him to that seminar. There, an Australian - I thought that he was the director of his university- explained the candidates about his university in Australia. I was impressed and eager to join that university. So, I contacted the university's agent who gave me an applications forms. After filling the form, I applied and waited for about a month. Eventually, I received an e-mail, informing me that I was chosen to attend that university. After reading my email, I felt exhilarated and gratified for the result. However, when I read the attached e-mail explaining the cost of money I will need to attend the university. I was so depressed and sad that I cannot inspire my words from my mouth because they asked for nearly twenty thousand dollars for just one year. That means if I attend for three years, I will have to spend sixty thousand dollar. I cannot think of a way of getting that huge amount of money. I know that my parents cannot afford to send me to that kind of expensive university.
    That experience caused me to have a trauma. I never realised that there is an university which is so expensive to attend. Although I was accepted to attend the university, I cannot pay the amount of money that university demanded. This will be me unforgetful and tough experience till I die.

    [ I was one of the candidates who will sit for GCE O level exam from Myanmmar in January, 2010. Please check my essay! I eagerly want to know my English grading.
    Yours affectionately,
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