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    collocation for "ability"

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    Re: collocation

    typing ability
    poor ability
    skills and abilities
    English-speaking ability
    psychic ability

  3. M56

    Re: collocation

    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Micawber
    typing ability
    poor ability
    skills and abilities
    English-speaking ability
    psychic ability

    1 many Williams won on her athletic ability alone. AS the last of his teamma
    2 nstinctive and conscious creative ability. An animal, bird or insect creates
    3 reading by the age of three, early ability and enjoyment of real curiosity
    4 Some people thought he lacked both ability and character, but most agreed tha
    5 water than it is on land; lack of ability and common sense can lead to just
    6 spersal ability, poor competitive ability and density independent mortality (
    7 neous conclusion about the West's ability and determination to resist Communi
    8 tank. 'With sufficient ambition, ability and education, individuals can sti
    9 ong brewers, has demonstrated the ability and flexibility to form a variety o
    10 limitations of opportunity, or of ability and performance. Thus, many a creat
    11 n each group allowance is made for ability and the children follow their own
    12 bout understanding differences in ability, background, and experience. _FACT
    13 he trip, and "with rare executive ability" bore the brunt of "the entire pil
    14 argon as 'total data linkage'- the ability, by pressing a few buttons and wa
    15 o chores adapted to their age and ability. Caring for a calf, a pig, or some
    16 alleled by the confidence in man's ability cherished by the Unitarians, Emers
    17 coln mentioned their distinguished ability, courage and perseverance. He felt
    18 ot legislating and that we have an ability er to instill in people a need to
    19 line to complete tasks within her ability- experiences that would have been
    20 ity, and who is endowed with real ability, genuine worth, and sterling hones
    21 No good way to evaluate teaching ability has yet been discovered, although
    22 ears now declining in strength and ability. He was stern and overbearing with
    23 ithfully and to the utmost of his ability," he said sorrowfully -- and the pr
    24 ort of the, the spectrum of acting ability. <38:794> Huh! <38:795> Ha
    25 o reach a certain standard erm of ability in order to er pass the two week c
    26 ving in accordance with his known ability is just plain lazy, or that the chi
    27 gave myself ones for like erm like ability like I know I'm good at it but eff
    28 outside its own organization (an ability made possible by us, and almost ma
    29 lity of life but it will lower the ability of the mass of taxpayers to suppor
    30 NGTH:_ This term refers to the ability of a material to resist bending st
    31 ce to the quality of care, to the ability of a particular unit to deliver car
    32 ho's actually trying to reduce the ability of dentists to perform in the Nati
    33 is the technologically important ability of detergent actives to congregate
    34 ates against the decision- taking ability of firms. On the other hand they ar
    35 n Section 3.2.4, and enhances the ability of GEMMs to supply large amounts of
    36 vast endeavors almost beyond the ability of his shaking body. Once out in th
    37 IO: Not from his mouth, had it the ability of life to thank you: He never gav
    38 available to you, for example the ability of Lotus One Two Three to go direct
    39 he dead poet, who is known for his ability of manipulating his ideas and his
    40 nthusiasm, commitment and inherent ability of our people, pride in our compan
    41 ucer surplus of PcKEG, due to the ability of the enlarged monopolised firm to
    42 there have been worries about the ability of the Monopolies Commission to ma
    43 apanese soldiers than he is by the ability of their commanders. Of the Japane
    44 tains vital information as to the ability of to survive. Yet there's a shroud
    45 non- disclosure would affect the ability of users of the accounts to reach
    46 ixes such as " ization" "ism" and ability" often cannot be done without drast
    47 ining because he showed plenty of ability on the gallops and their decision c
    48 eking to find some differences in ability or behaviour between morphologicall
    49 r. In addition, concern about the ability or more importantly, the need for
    50 licants, regardless of educational ability or social background? If a school
    51 , short life span, broad dispersal ability, poor competitive ability and dens
    52 o repeat the question why? Logical ability, proficient in chess, good at puzz
    53 only the aspirations of the whole ability range of young people may be met (
    54 ll for a woman, your brain or your ability really comes way down the line! Yo
    55 old- fashioned, maternal psychic ability. <25:45> She'd searched the squ
    56 l this except the broad dispersal ability. Sheltered shore whelks seem to hav
    57 ed that he and Evans are equal in ability, so we have to look at the thing in
    58 ts there were none of probity and ability sufficient to justify entrusting t
    59 ed investigation of the patient's ability, tactually, (1) to perceive figure
    60 f character and very real business ability that it hadn't ruined his. "Of cou
    61 h 10-year men at 30, have so much ability that, baseball men agree, they've n
    62 ups for these according to age or ability. The lessons we observed were readi
    63 n solely by his own character and ability. The younger men, Vere, and Pembro
    64 Y Who's on the low end of the uh, ability there? <38:797> [AUDIENCE laugh
    65 emendous respect for each other's ability. They knew what they could do and
    66 or manoeuvre is provided by GEMMs' ability to borrow stock from approved lend
    67 ntra-market business. But also the ability to borrow stock provides a means w
    68 have, as one of its strengths, the ability to carry "live" events that now ge
    69 s home he loses almost 100% of his ability to control his environment. <54
    70 ed for subject searching. Thus the ability to manipulate the different elemen
    71 gues and teachers, was his amazing ability to produce literary Latin pieces,
    72 en want, and they just haven't the ability to provide those those things for
    73 happened so often in the past, the ability to recognize true greatness has be
    74 s, when it does not forestall, any ability to review the decision in the ligh
    75 nce in us and now doubts Britain's ability to successfully deal with its econ
    76 ave good contact with parents, the ability to understand instructions and to
    77 First, the theories must have the ability to understand the ways in which in
    78 solely on this elusive, hard-won ability to " write". The stranger to cal
    79 on was shortened and the center's ability to "catch up" in ossification is d
    80 n six hours in that position. His ability to A function as a surveillance off


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