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    Smile for what it's worth

    I would like to know what does it mean when someone says "for what it's worth". I have heard this phrase used in different statements. Does it vary on how it is being said or used? Thanks.

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    Re: for what it's worth

    I expect you'll get a variety of worthy responses to this one, partly because this phrase is used in a variety of situations.

    Basically, I would say that the phrase "for what it's worth" is used when the speaker is downplaying the impact or importance of his statement. It's as if he is saying: "I'm going to tell you this, and I'm not sure what it's worth—that is, I'm not sure if it's that significant to the situation or if it will help in any way—but I'm going to contribute it to the conversation anyway." For example:

    Son: "I can't believe it! I didn't get accepted to any of my top three college choices!"
    Father: "Well, for what it's worth, you can still go to Podunk Junior College and live here at home."

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