Hi Don,
Thank u so much for ur kind reply. am not receiving what am asking from anybody.But i think,u might be the right person to clarify my doubts.

To be very honest, I am a senior merchandiser/Textile consultant.I had a life longed dream which was not realised due to several reasons.

Recently, i was made redundant due to fragile country economy and i am jobless.

Since childhood, i wanted to be an English Language teacher because my real inspiration was my teacher himself.He was always advising me to take up the teaching job.

As my parents were not financially sound to support my tertiary education, i had to give up my academic field and took a job in Morocco.

I never thought that one day i would be in a jobless position. Life was full of energy,good incomes,nice life style etc...but suddenly the same life is now facing a shattered life style,a bleak future, and no certainties.

An option cropped up in my mind to take up TEACHING JOB. I have studied up to CAMBRIDGE HIGHER SCHOOL CERTIFICATE.
On the otherhand,have no teaching experience. I did some research which steps i should take to be accepted to teach ENGLISH LANGUAGE,

Sincere colleagues are advising me to follow a crash course at BRITISHCOUNCIL which lead to the right teaching profession.

By the help of internet, am improving my grammar,speaking skills,writing skills,learning skills and writing skills.
In addition,Online am practising many exercises pertaining to the CELTA course. Test record shows that the average correct answer percentagewise is 88%.

What is missing is the required training in front of a classroom and confronting the students and the assessor.

By hook or by crook, i want to own the teaching profession. I want to realise and cherish the life longed dream.

Don,can you comments and advise me.
I want people like you to encourage and support me.
Do u think BC would accept me as a student on CELTA course.

I need a honest reply from colleagues of the FORUM.

Thank you for all your encouragements.