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    I know there has been some discussion about the prepositions IN or AT in this forum, but perhaps you all can humour me.
    A student posed the following question:
    Why can I say I have internet at home and not in home. (which she feels IN HOME is also correct usage).
    Whereas, itís okay to say I have internet in my house and not at my house.
    Even though a house is not a home, they are synonymous.
    With reference to a house, there was no difficulty explaining the difference, which she understood.
    However, to my student, it doesnít make any sense that she canít say I have internet in home using the same structural logic and I find impossible to explain.
    My request, who can help me explain it.

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    I am not a teacher, but generally you use 'at' for precise location, example, 'I am at the corner of the street',or I am at the bank.

    Your home is a location, if you believe yes, use 'at', but the other preposition 'in' is more used for space, example, 'My money is in my bag'.

    Hope its help you.

    Have a nice day (Buenas tardes).

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    In home does exist, for example as an adjectivial phrase: in-home medical care.

    But it's rare, some people would find it awkward, at home is far more common and versatile.

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