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    freedon of speech

    The text reminds the student that we as citizens do have the right tofreedom of speech by restating the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. They also tell us that as a listener and a speaker, we are entitled to not only have a free flow of information, but as well as an exchange of opinions. I do agree with Osborn and Osbornís opinion. Everyone has their own opinion and beliefs and if our Forefathers of this Nation wanted it to be that way for the future to come, then it should be.

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    Re: freedon of speech

    Welcome to the forums.

    It is not clear what you are wanting - do you have a problem that needs resolving?

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    Re: freedon of speech

    I'd say "as listeners and speakers" in the plural there.

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    Re: freedon of speech

    There's also a problem with "They" starting the second sentence. Its referent is "The text" which is singular.

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