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    Why is New York called the Big Apple? How did it come about?

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    Why is New York called the Big Apple? How did it come about?

    There are many different theories but the one that sticks out the most has its roots in the American Black jazz culture. The Black jazz musicians apparently used to call any big city a big apple. In other words, when you take a bite of the apple you have a chance to succeed. Amrican jazz music was huge in the 20's of the last century and that's how New York assumed its nick name for a city full of promise and opportunity (or that's what some people think).

    Another theory: when the apple was ripe and and ready to pick, the apple was a temptation in itself and therefore others considered it to be just like the apple of Eden -one big lure and temptation. New York was a huge city vibrating with business, plenty of corruption, lust and pleasure all mixed together.

    There is one more theory that has a reference to the long years of depression in the USA. When depression struck the nation, the once affluent folks from Connecticut had to come all the way to the city and sell apples to make a living. That particular period in American history was called the big apple period and since that time NYC has simply kept the name.

    I will bet you there are many other theories and I wonder if that will ever be settled once and for all.

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