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    a name addressed official stationary?

    Hello Everyone,

    I have received a mail from my client, in which there is a phrase I am confused about. I hope to get your prompt reply about it! Part of the mail is as follows:

    We need, in order to avoid any further problem, you to send us by mail in a paper with the heading of the firm and in English(in a name addressed official stationary) the document you have sent us with the components of the glass(mail 10th. May 2009).Please send us at once this document in order to begin with the papers.

    And as the client from Argentina, I am wondering whether there is som mistakes with the phrase or does it mean " the company name with its address" ?

    Waiting for your quick reply!



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    Re: a name addressed official stationary?

    I can only guess along with you. I think I would have written "on your company's letterhead," which is the official stationery for your company with the company's name, address, etc., printed on the paper.

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