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Thread: so vs so that

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    Smile so vs so that

    what is the difference of so and so that?
    will somebody give exercises about so vs so that.

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    Exclamation Re: so vs so that

    Quote Originally Posted by aia18 View Post
    what is the difference of so and so that?
    will somebody give exercises about so vs so that.
    So can be used as adverb, adjective and conjunctionbut so that is only used as a conjunction. Please see the illustrations as, below:
    so adverb meaning: • very, extremely, or to such a degree”
    The house is so beautiful.
    Thank you for being so patient.
    Don't be so stupid!
    § used usually before the verbs 'have', 'be' or 'do', and other auxiliary verbs to express the meaning 'in the same way' or 'in a similar way'
    "I've got an enormous amount of work to do." "So have I."
    "I'm allergic to smoking." "So is my brother."
    • used at the end of a sentence to mean to a very great degree
    Is that the reason why you hate him so?
    so conjunction : used at the beginning of a sentence to connect it with something that has been said or has happened previously
    So, just to finish what I was saying earlier...
    • ) used to say that something happens or is true as a result of the situation you have just stated:
    There are no buses, so you'll have to walk.
    • used to refer to a discovery that you have just made
    So that's what he does when I'm not around!
    • used before you introduce a subject of conversation that is of present interest, especially when you are asking a question
    So, who do you think is going to win the election?
    • informal used to show that you agree with something that someone has just said, but you do not think that it is important
    So the car's expensive - well, I can afford it.
    so (that) conjunction
    a) in order to make something happen, make something possible etc:
    He lowered his voice so (that) others couldn't hear.
    Why don't you start out early so that you don't have to hurry?


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