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    baseball commentator


    What do you call these men?

    - They are baseball commentators.
    - They are baseball critics.
    - They are baseball analysts.

    Thank you.

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    Re: baseball commentator

    As far as I know, they could be both commentators and analysts. We can't tell from the photo, and here's why:

    Commentators are guys who describe the action as it occurs for the TV/radio audience, or call the play-by-play. They know the game well, but in many cases they are not actually former professional players. Analysts are also commentators, but are usually former players who have a more in-depth knowledge of the game and can point out and share insights and nuances that only a former player would be knowledgeable about. They typically join other commentators in the booth and work with them as a team. Baseball critics sound like sports writers. They write columns and articles, many of which may be critical in nature (especially if the team in question is losing).

    For example, Michael Kay is a commentator for the New York Yankees. He was never a professional baseball player; his career has been strictly in broadcasting. He is sometimes joined in the booth by David Cone, a former pitcher with an extraordinary record. They are all commentators, but David Cone could accurately be referred to as an analyst. He makes observations and explains subtleties of the game (especially about pitching) that only a former player would know. Maybe it's different in other sports, but that's fairly common for baseball.

    Hope this helps.

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