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Thread: Resume Tips

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    Resume Tips

    Hello everyone,

    Whether you are applying to college, graduate school, or a new job, you will need to submit a resume. What is a resume? A resume is an advertisement that markets your successes to your specific, intended audience. We wanted to outline a few major tips to help people that are creating a resume for the first time, or overhauling their old resume:

    -In your bullet points (under each job title), use the 'Situation-Action-Result' method. For example, instead of writing 'answered customer calls,' you might write 'received customer phone calls and delivered superior service, leading to a 10% increase in monthly revenues.' It may be difficult to show a result for every bullet, but, when you can, use the 'S-A-R' method!

    -$ and % signs can and should be used when possible--they stand out and emphasize results.

    -Prioritize the bullet points in your resume according to their relevance to the company or institution you are trying to reach. If you are applying for a sales role, make sure the 'sales' bullet points under your previous roles are moved to the top and given focus.

    -Start off bullet points with strong, active verbs. Instead of writing 'was responsible for...,' write 'developed/steered/managed XXX.....'

    -Keep your bullet points concise--try not to exceed two lines and consolidate redundant bullets where possible.

    -Think about preserving a balance of content and white space. Literally, take a step back from your resume. Does it achieve visual balance? Does it overwhelm or underwhelm the reader?

    -Proofread for typos and inconsistencies. Errors are the easiest ways for employers or admissions committees to eliminate your resume.

    -After reviewing your bullets, put yourself in the resume reviewer's shoes. What does each bullet tell me? Will this person succeed at our school or company?

    We hope you will find some of these suggestions useful.

    If you have any other questions about resumes or cover letters, please let us know!!!

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    Re: Resume Tips

    And when you could stay away from objectives, instead write a well polish 3-5 sentences summary.

    how to write a resume

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    Re: Resume Tips

    Yeah I agree Resume writing is like an art.You are not getting proper attention from recruiters if you don't impress them by your attractive resume.This is the first thing which will help you to get a step ahead.

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    Re: Resume Tips

    I think resume is the tool that market you and your capabilities to a company.It must be good and attractive.

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