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    normal for

    1-It is normal for me to be here.
    2-For me, it is normal to be here.

    3-To be here is normal for me.
    4-For me to be here is normal.

    Which of these sentences mean:

    a-I consider being here normal.
    which mean:
    b-It is normal that I am here.
    and which could mean both a and b?

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    The way you are using the word there does conform to the first definition given for the word normal.

    1. conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural.
    Nevertheless, while it might seem to fit (according to the dictionary), it is not a word I would use in that situation. Instead, I would say "It is the usual thing for me to be here" or "It is usual for me to be here" or "I am usually here" or "You can usually expect to find me here." You could also, I suppose, say "It is natural for me to be here." You could, except that might lead one to wonder why it would be unnatural for others to be at that place. In any case, it is difficult for me to attach the concept of normality with being at a particular place. Unless you can use the word abnormal it is pretty safe to say that the word normal probably wouldn't fit either. If somebody would say "It is normal for me to be here" I would probably wonder why it is abnormal for other people to be at that place.

    While it is hard for me to imagine a context for any of the sentences, the first one seems to me to be the most likely. "It is normal for me to be here" would mean that it is the usual thing. Perhaps: "It is normal for me to be here. That is because I work here." The rest of the sentences are rather dicey in a way that is hard to explain. "I consider being here normal" seems to be saying that in the regular way of things "here" is the place to be. "It is normal that I am here" seems to be saying that it would be abnormal for me to be anywhere else.

    I hope that helps.


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    It does help. Thanks!

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