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Thread: Clauses.

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    Can anyonehere explain clauses to me very simply?
    I keep reading about them but every time I think I understand I get muddled up again. Are these correct?

    Because of Bill's smoking, Anne hated seeing him.
    Adverb clause of reason

    Smoking is forbidden in this area.
    Gerund clause

    The man, whose hair was red, was attacked by seagulls.
    Adjective clause

    The brown shaggy dog, was wagging its tail.
    Noun phrase?

    If anyone's feeling generous a question or two to test me with an explanation would be nice. Epecially for prepositional clauses.

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    Re: Clauses.

    Clause- must have subject and verb
    A phrase is not a clause.
    Independent Clause- same as a simple sentence
    Dependent clause (subordinate clause)- is a clause(contains a subject and verb) but does not express a complete thought

    Ex. Since you have arrived, I have been very happy.
    Since you have arrived ( adverbial clause)
    Ex. The girl who has black hair is very beautiful.
    who has black hair (adjective clause)
    Ex. I did not like him from the start.
    from the start (prepositional phrase...not a clause)

    Try these.
    1. After I got home, I was very tired.
    2. When I finally went to bed, I slept ten hours.
    3. The boy who lives next door is my best friend.
    4. In the beginning, the world was without form.

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    Re: Clauses.

    1. Advervbial clause - After I got home
    2.Prepositional clause - When I finlly went to bed
    3. Adjective clause - who lives next door
    4. Prepositional phrase? - in the beginning?

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