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    Verbs Lie and Lay

    This is part of my exercise on confusing verbs Lie - Lay. Anyone can tell me if I did them right?
    Underline the uncorrect verb form enclosed in brackets. Indicate whether the sentence requires the verb Lie or Lay? My answers are on the right in bold.

    1. The injured man has (laid, lain) unconscious all day. Lie
    2. We (lay, laid) our wraps on the bench. Lay
    3. Have you been (laying, lying) down? Lie
    4. As I (lie, lay ) here, i can see the hilltops. Lie
    5. Broken glass (laid, lay) on the floor. Lay
    6. They found the man (lying, laying) on the road. Lie
    7. Martha (lay, laid) her package on the table. Lay
    8. I (lie,lay) down every afternoon. Lie
    9. We (laid, lay) quite still hidden by the trees. Lie
    10. The lawyer (lay, laid) the case before the jury. Lay


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    Re: Verbs Lie and Lay

    Your underlined (wrong) answers are all correct. Good work.


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