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Thread: toilet break

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    toilet break

    I am trying to teach children in primary level a proper way to ask for a toilet break. Please comment the following expressions.

    a) May I be excused?
    (If I use this expression, will the people surely know one is asking for a toilet break or it may have other possible meanings by saying this?)

    b) May I go to the toilet?

    c) May I go to the restroom?

    d) May I go to the bathroom?

    e) May I go to the loo?

    Tks / ju

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    Re: toilet break

    Any of these might be appropriate, depending on local standards. Nobody (or very few people) in the UK would say 'restroom'; and, in Br English, (in the south of England, at least!) 'bathroom' refers to a room in a private house - a public place doesn't have 'bathrooms'. But that doesn't mean it'd be wrong in HK. Ask other teachers at your school.

    In my youth. 'May I be excused' was the norm - in fact, it was so clearly a euphemism for 'toilet' that an adult might say to a child (far from any such facilities) 'There's nobody around, you can be excused behind that bush'.

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    Re: toilet break

    Do you say "Excuse me, please. Nature's calling"?

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