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    Exclamation He hasn't breakfast

    Originally Posted by Caroline N

    I read that in British English it's quite common to just use a form of 'have' to make a negation.

    1. Correct is: She hasn't the time to spare
    2. But how about this one: He hasn't breakfast
    3. And: by putting 'any' before breakfast, I believe it IS a correct sentence...

    What's the difference and which sentence is correct and which one isn't?

    Can someone help me with this?

    Yes, we do sometimes use 'hasn't' instead of 'hasn't got' or don't/doesn't have' (present tense). If the sentence requires 'don't have' then you can replace it with 'hasn't', so # 1 is correct.
    In # 2 I assume you are are referring to the past eg 'He didn't have any breakfast' - in other words 'he didn't eat'. You can also use present perfect 'He hasn't had any breakfast. (You can use any but it's not necessaary.)
    So, 'hasn't' refers to present tense.

    But it is present tense. I just can't believe that 'He hasn't breakfast' (as in 'He doesn't have breakfast') is grammatically correct!

    Anyone else?


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    Re: He hasn't breakfast

    I wouldn't use 'he hasn't breakfast'. 'He hasn't any breakfast' implies to me that he hasn't got anything to eat in his house for breakfast instead of breakfast being a meal he skips.

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