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    Both X and Y as well as Z

    I read these sentences from a person's writing. I seldom see people add "as well as" or "in addition to" to the behind of "both... and..." phrase. I don't know if they are correct or not. If they are not correct, please tell me how to express it correctly.


    1. Both X and Y as well as Z exhibited normal reproductive function.

    2. Event A produced mosaic mice with both X allele and Y allele in addition to C allele in the same mouse.

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    Re: Both X and Y as well as Z

    I think it's okay, but it makes the first two more important. They were looking for/expecting/researching X and Y, and Z happened to happen too.

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    Re: Both X and Y as well as Z

    Thanks a lot! It solved a long time puzzle for me, although I still felt it is a little bit wierd expression. But English has always been wierd to me.


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