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    can someone get ride of some of these "be" verbs?
    On the way home from beta convention I had totally forgot about the horse thing and I was so excited that I got to go to Atlanta. I talked all the way home. When we arrived at the house, I did not even look around to see if anything had changed. Then all of a sudden, I noticed it. I finally had my long awaited wish. Not only was there a beautiful, brown, baby horse, there was a rosey red mule too. I was so excited the first thing I did was go in the house, changed in my tennis shoes, and come back outside so I could lead my new pet around. Although she stepped on my foot the first day, I knew that I was going to love having her. On the other hand, I had a slightly different opinion about the mule name rosey. We sent rosey back to were she came from because she was just causing everyone trouble. Our horse did not like that much and she was very depressed for about a week or so but I guess she learned it was for the best.

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    Re: Help!!!!!!!!!

    You use 'I was so excited' twice- you could change them- you could say that 'getting to Atlanta excited me'. Why are you trying to remove the 'be' verbs?


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