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Thread: was vs. is

  1. Sandie

    was vs. is

    I read the was vs. is post from this month, and I still have a question:

    Our grandmother moved into a new, local retirement home one month ago. One year ago, she lived in a different, local retirement home. It also happens that a friend of our family might be moving into a local retirement home. Is it correct to say: "Wouldn't it be funny if (the friend) moved into the same place Grandmother was?" if they're referring to our grandmother's new retirement home? To me, that statement seems to be referring to her old retirement home.

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    Re: was vs. is

    What about?

    Wouldn't it be funny if Max were to move into the same place where Grandmother is living, now?

  3. Sandie

    Re: was vs. is

    Your suggestion sounds correct. Is the other way of saying it (the one from my first post in thread) also correct? Someone whom I consider to have a good grasp of english grammar explained to me that it is, but it just doesn't strike me as correct. Thank you.

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    Re: was vs. is

    I once heard someone say:

    "What would you say if I told you that my wife was going to have a baby?", the wife being pregnant as he said that.

    It sounds weird to my ears too, as a Spanish speaker I would use is going. This wasn't the only time I heard that... it seems that is the way it is said in English.

  5. Sandie

    Re: was vs. is -- Still have question

    I agree that your example about a pregnant wife rings true. I wonder if the rule in that example is to match the tenses ("what if I TOLD you my wife WAS going to have a baby?")

    But the 'wife having a baby' example sounds correct to my ears. In contrast, something like: "Wouldn't it be funny if Sam moved to the same city where Mom was (living)?" sounds like it's referring to a city where ones mom lived in the past.

    Alternatively, something like "Wouldn't it be funny if Sam MOVED to the same city where Mom WAS going to move" does sound correct to me. It also seems to follow the pattern of your example.

    Tenses are my biggest challenge. Would love to hear which comprehensive source on tenses you or a moderator might recommend. Thanks for your help!


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