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  1. mohammad



    Dear teacher

    1)"he is drafted for the army" "he is called up for the army" are these tow the same i mean the meaning,if so wich one is more common?

    2)none of your b-i business is this different from none of your businss (is more offensive or not?)

    what do these terms mean?





    7)new flash

    8)x-nay on the upid-stay

    best wishes

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    Re: meaning

    1) drafted for service and called up for service. The first one is more common to me.
    2) b-i business
    3)hippety-hopped: it's a way of walking or dancing; it describes how a rabbit moves.
    4)slutbag: an offensive term for prostitute
    5)pathetic: see your dictionary
    7)new flash (Do you mean, newsflash? If so, it means, bring new information to light; e.g., TV newsflash, "Earthquake"; In a conversation:
    Max: "Here's a newsflash for you Sam. We don't have a test today, so stop studying."
    8)x-nay on the upid-stay: Pig Latin, a language used by children. For example: stupid: stayupid => upid stay.

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