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    Talking Laugh Smile Chuckle


    A laugh may be a sudden, voiceless exhalation, but is usually an audible sound, either soft or loud: a hearty laugh.
    Chuckle suggests a barely audible series of sounds expressing private amusement or satisfaction: a delighted chuckle.
    A smile is a (usually pleasant) lighting up of the face and an upward curving of the corners of the lips (which may or may not be open); it may express amusement or mere recognition, friendliness, etc.: a courteous smile.
    A grin, in which the teeth are usually visible, is like an exaggerated smile, less controlled in expressing the feelings: a friendly grin.

    What are the other forms of laugh/smile/chuckle?

    Can anyone add similar words which express the same idea..?


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    Re: Laugh Smile Chuckle

    Hi, here are some more:


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