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  1. rodec

    Talking the phrase, "please advice."

    I just entered into a bet that has our whole office stirring.

    What we'd like to know is if the phrase, "...please advice." is correct.

    Most of us believe it should be, "...please advise."

    I can't resist, so if you could... please advise/advice.


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    Re: the phrase, "please advice."

    Advice is the noun... When you advise, you give advice!

  3. rodec

    Re: the phrase, "please advice."

    Ok, agreed.

    So are you saying the sentence:
    "Please advice."
    is incorrect?

    This is the crux of the whole thing.
    I need a definative answer to settle the bet.


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    Re: the phrase, "please advice."

    To me, "please advice" is most certainly incorrect...

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