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    Please explain the meaning of following words !


    (2) Apprehension

    (3) slippage

    (4) Sensitise

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    Re: Please explain the meaning of following words !

    Quote Originally Posted by chiru_thota View Post

    (2) Apprehension

    (3) slippage

    (4) Sensitise
    Please make it a habbit to refer to dictionary for difficult/new words and build up your own vocabulay. To know the meaning of a word is not enough, how to make use of it is more imortant. Have a look at the descriptions below:

    Allay verb : to remove or lessen emotional feeling such as fear or worry, from the mind so as to feel as normal as possible;
    The government is trying to allay public fears about the spread of the Swine flu.

    Apprehension, noun: worry about the future, or a fear that something unpleasant is going to happen
    There is some apprehension in some quarters about who the next chief minister will be.

    Slippage, noun: a reduction in the rate, amount or standard of something
    The opposition party is concerned at the slippage (= loss of popularity) as reflected in the last general election.

    Sensitize, verb: to make someone sensitive/aware to/of something
    The electronic media is very often trying to sensitize non-issues..

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    Re: Please explain the meaning of following words !

    Thanks a lot Sarat!

    I will definitely follow your advice

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