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Thread: past tense

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    ling Guest

    past tense

    i'm confuse with past tense
    i don't know which one of them is correct
    "he cursed as she slamed the door."
    "he cursed as she slams the door."?

    if on a verb in a sentence is past tense do rest of them have to be too?

    "who was the one that made him cried?"
    "Who was the one that made him cry?"
    which one is correct?

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    In the first it is correct to say 'he cursed as she slammed the door'. Two actions both in the past.

    In the second we say 'Who was the one that made him cry'. Again we have two verbs in the past (was\made). 'Cry' is not in the past because it is an infinitive without 'to' and never changes:

    She makes me cry (present)
    She made me cry (past)

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    ling Guest
    how about this one
    “What?” he looked startled.
    is this right or should it be changed to he looks startled?


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