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    Exclamation Infinitive or what???

    Hello and good evening,
    Please I really have some troubles to understand the following sentences from an Advanced book:

    1. "All she does is watch TV all day long"
    2. "The first thing you have to do is take the opportunity".
    3. Can I say that a person is "detailed"???

    Note: My doubt about questions 1 and 2 is: "Why wasn't "to" or "ing" used in them???" "When should I use them"???

    Please, heeeeeellllllpppppp!!!

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    Re: Infinitive or what???

    You could use 'to take' in the second, but the repetition of 'to' is a bit heavy. In the first, watch is a main verb not an infinitive.
    The use of -ing or the infinitve with or without 'to' is an area governed in many cases by habit rather than rule. There are some rules, like where verbs can take the gerund or the infinitive according to meaning, but other than that, it's a matter of learning ratherthan applying rules.

    I wouldn't say a person is detailed, but they could be complex/complicated.

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