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    Please check & correct this matter

    Hi,everybody, describing or writing about oneself is not difficult. One can write very good about him / her. The words one say or write does not put them in practice generally. One can be understood by meeting not his writing or words.
    I am a sincere,vivacious,versatile,realistic,shy,consider ate, non-materialistic and sensible person.

    My wife will not work after marriage as I need a wife for 24 hour. I will assist her and so she.
    Important things for good marital life :
    Partner should have the sameness in opinion ( at least 75%) and body type of partner also be as per my likings.
    My wife should be broad-minded,healthy and intelligent. I do not estimate a person from her / his status or family background. Her caste and religion is of no concern to me. I would be very happy to have a South Indian,Gujrati or Maharashtrian girl. My favourite outfit for a female after lingerie is Saree. I do not follow traditional rits. I love to break rules sometimes.
    My favourites : Language Urdu, Spot : Goan beaches,
    I am sure if I succeed to find a partner of my choice I wouldn’t come out for months after marriage.

    Profession : business ( peaceful and small business). I love my work I do. Income reasonable. I am not very ambitious.
    Past : Very dark and horrible.

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    Re: Please check & correct this matter

    I'd take this out:
    Past : Very dark and horrible.

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