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    please help me check the grammar

    A Good University

    In 2009, there are more than 10 million Chinese high school students want to entry a good and ideal university. However, these students usually have no idea to measure whether a university is good or not. People always judge a university in terms of other one’s comments and that is not completely correct. More precisely, a good university is a school which has professional faculty and facilities, which has favorable atmosphere for learning and studying, and which has good reputation.

    First of all, a good university must has professional faculty and facilities because a university is a place that serves primarily to educate students. Professors and lecturers should take knowledge seriously and ask their students never cheat or plagiarize. An excellent professor can activate students’ creativity and imagination. If their students have questions, teachers are supposed to inspire students with specific illustrations and patience. Besides, investments in research and facilities- like laboratory equipments, experimental materials, and computers- are quite necessary. Some scholars find that the input-output ratio of scientific study is 0.7 in the U.S., which means investments and results come into virtuous cycle. A successful university can even do better, like Harvard, their ratio is 0.9.

    Mostly, a good university has favorable atmosphere for learning and studying. Library is the best choice to students for learning and searching information. It is common that students stay up in the library or they fall asleep in a pile of books. In the classroom, discussion and argumentation never stopped. The location of the university is an indispensable factor. The school must far away from downtown because the circumstance of the city center is to the disadvantage of students’ learning. There must be some students’ organizations that are considered as platforms that promote mutual understanding. Attending extracurricular activities is a very significant and attractive learning process for university students. Joining students’ society is a means of improving leadership, promoting team spirit, and trying to understand how to get along with others.

    The most important part of a good university is good reputation. School’s reputation is based on its achievements in research fields and its contribution to its community, city, and country. Ji Lin University has great fame in Ji Lin Province because its graduates serve this province in the every corner and its research results generates thousands positions for local citizen. A huge number of elites submit their applications to the Ivy League every year due to the universities’ popularity and influence. A famous university always connected with stable sponsor, first class professors, and considerable scholarship.

    Universities generally formed their own style after years of exploration and development; however, those better schools still have some common grounds. Everyone will agree that a university cannot be called good without professional faculty and facilities, favorable atmosphere for learning and studying, and well reputation. In another word, students from famous universities have better beginning than the normal. No wonder good universities are so welcome!

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    Question Re: please help me check the grammar

    "Ana" is a chapter 2 in Seed-Folks to Paul Fleischman. Ana is a woman from Rumania. She came in USA when she was four,in 1919. She lived in Cleveland,Ohio. In her neighborhood she saw a lot what happened in this area. One day she looked a little girl who made something in the lot. In the first time Ana was thinking that girl was doing something bad. After ,she looked near what little girl had done Ana felt bad. The little girl had plants some lima beans. Ana was curios and looked every day what little girl did in a lot. She bought some binoculars.
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