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    Had (got), hadn't (got?) instead of didn't have

    1. "I have got a car."
    2. "I had (got) a car."

    I'm sure the first sentence is correct, but what could you say about the second one? I know it's not essential to use "got": I can say "I had..." and it would not change the meaning. But I do like the construction "have got" and it would be great to be able to use it also in the past tense. So: would it be incorrect if I used "I had got a car"?

    1. I didn't have enough money.
    2. I hadn't (got) enough money.

    And now? I'd like to know the same thing: if I can use "hadn't" and if I can use "got" in this case.

    Please forgive me my mistakes.

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    Re: Had (got), hadn't (got?) instead of didn't have

    You can use 'had got' in both cases in British English.


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