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    Using the word Please

    When is it correct to use the word "Please"

    When I ask - "Do you have an A4 envelope" I don't put one in
    But if I ask - "Can I have an A4 envelope" I always prefix the sentance with the word Please.

    am I correct in both cases? Or am I being rude in the first instance?



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    Re: Using the word Please

    You don't need to say "please" when you're asking if someone has something.
    But it's a good idea to use "please" in the second case, so you're correct.

    It would sound better if you said "Can I please have...?" instead of "Please can I have...?"

    Another situation where it's nice to say "please" is when you're telling someone to do something.
    "Can you please close the door?"
    "Close the door please."

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    Re: Using the word Please

    Thank you Elif

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