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Thread: Good on the Job

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    Good on the Job

    Hi, "Good on the job" is the topic of a unit in my textbook, What does it mean? I can't figure it out.

    The following is the dialogue from the text. I hope it helps.
    A: Jeff works at a construction company.
    B: What does he do?
    A: He is a bricklayer.
    B: How long has he been working there?
    A: He has been working there for ten years.

    I can't see the connection of the two; stating "Good on the Job" for the topic, and asking "how long people have been working there" in the dialogue.
    However, I appreciate your help, thank you.

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    Re: Good on the Job

    Dear hcjohnny:

    There is no direct connection between the unit title and the dialogue, except that, for the bricklayer to have kept his job for ten years, he must have good work habits: skill, dependability, ability to get along with others, etc.

    Does the unit contain other information? Is there any discussion of job-related vocabulary or the characteristics of a good worker?

    Best wishes,


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    Re: Good on the Job

    Hi Petra,
    I'm afraid not. That is the whole conversational dialogue in the textbook. All other examples are similar to the one I provided here. (Just need to change the person's name and the job tiltle to make a new dialogue, the script pattern is about the same.)
    However, your explanation makes sense to me. In order for a person to work in the same job for that long, he must be very skillful or capable of doing it. That's why it says "Good on the Job".
    Thank you for your help.

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