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    During the past decade, the term “diversity” has been widely used to refer to the demographic composition of a team. Team diversity is usually measured using the compositional approach. Researchers studying team diversity and organizational demography both assess the extent to which members of an organizational unit are (dis)similar to each other.
    Most teams working together in the workplace is extremely productive and profitable. Teams working together increase problem-solving skills and innovation, quality, and decrease turnover and absenteeism. Teams have an overall high success rate when well structured and the communication between the team members stays open throughout the project. A team is a collection of individuals who have gathered to achieve the same goal.
    Recent research into workforce effectiveness suggests that such incidents may be less a failure of the selection process, than a failure of both employees and managers to understand the profound effect that the culture of the workforce has on employee performance. In fact, it is becoming increasingly evident that culture is much more important than the compensation in determining such outcomes as employee satisfaction, manager-employee mutual trust and workforce productivity.
    People always say two heads are better than one. The evidence generally confirms the superiority of individuals over groups when brainstorming. The best individual in a group also makes better decisions than the group in a whole. All though groups do tend to do better than the average group member.
    Just need help putting rewording the words from the websites where it is not copy word for word.

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    Re: Class Final

    OK, put your ideas down first and people will comment.

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