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    Question called/was calling

    Hello everyone,

    I have a sentence :Daniel called/was calling you at one oclock yesterday,but you were here with me.

    Called is the correct answer according to the key, but I guess both are possible, aren't they?

    What is the difference?

    Thank you very much for help!

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    Re: called/was calling

    Because you gave a specific time (one o'clock, by the way, is spelled as I did here, not as you did there), then the event happened in that instant. He called.

    If you leave out the specific time, either would work, but each would mean something different. If he called while you were here, he called once. That's it. If he was calling while you were here, he either called more than once, or he let the phone ring a very very long time. It was an action that occurred over a period of time (while you were here with me).

    At any rate, please call Daniel back. He's looking for you.

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