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    Question antonyms and synonyms

    i need help finding synonyms and antonyms for these words anesthetic, apathetically, appeasingly,appendage, ensue, extremity, intangible, peremptorily,smite, and undulation. i hope you can help me if not its ok

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    Re: antonyms and synonyms

    Have you been to yet?
    When you do, you may be directed automatically to the root word, or at least a simpler version. For example, when you look up Apathetically, you'll be directed to appathetic. There you will find an entry that includes

    1. unfeeling, impassive, cool. 2. uninterested, unconcerned.

    1. emotional. 2. concerned.

    These are adjectives, as is apathetic, and the original word was an adverb (notice the "ly" ending?). So to find the adverb versions of the synonyms and antonyms, you will probably add "ly" them them, or look them up individually and see what offers as an adverb form.

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