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    planning or planned ?

    We need your planning / planned scheudle to customer for their approval, please advise it today.

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    Re: planning or planned ?

    Before we get to the real question at hand, it's SCHEDULE not SCHEUDLE, and you can't "please advise it today" whatever it is. You may ask, "Please inform me of it's whereabouts today" or "Please deliver it today" but not advise it. To advise something is to give it advice (you can advise a worker to get to work, you can't advise a schedule of anything).

    Then there there's the little matter of the "to customer" - I think you've just left out a word or two there. "We need your ... schedule delivered to the customer" would work here.

    Now to your question:

    A "planned shedule" would be a redundancy. A schedule, by definition, is planned. So if all you really want is the schedule, just ask for it: "We need your schedule...."

    If it's a schedule of the planning process, then you could ask for the "planning schedule" (as opposed to the "buying schedule" or the "building schedule" or such).

    I hope this helps!

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