Need Help with How to Teach Grammar
Hi I need some help with my grammar, can anyone help me?? I have done the questions and answers but Im not too sure if I am correct and would like some guidance.

At the beginning of a Monday class you asked the students How did you spend your weekend? Here is how Rashid, one of your new students, answered the question:

On Saturday I goed to grandmother because she was birthday. Parents goed too and sister and brother was there. On Sunday I meeted friends and we together seed a film.

What conclusion can you make about Rashids grammatical needs?

Choose one answer.

a) He should learn the past simple irregular forms and he could benefit from a lesson on possessive adjectives.
b) He should be taught to use the past simple tense in appropriate contexts. (I BELEVE THIS IS THE ANSWER)
c) He could benefit from a lesson on the present perfect tense.

what is the form of the past continuous tense?

Choose one answer.

a) 'a' in 'was' can be elided
b) an action in progress at a specified moment in the past
c) subject + was/were + present participle (I BELEVE THIS IS THE ANSWER)

What is the function of the second conditional?

Choose one answer.

a) If + past simple, would + verb (I BELEVE THIS IS THE ANSWER)
b) a hypothetical situation in the present or future
c) If I were rich, Id buy a yacht