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    Prepositions mixed types

    I am teaching English to a Spanish speaking student. We are working on prepositions . Location is ok - but what about "I'm good at tennis" or "He's married to Jane"? I have no idea how to teach this.

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    Re: Prepositions mixed types

    Pues, dile que son cosas del idioma. A toda regla hay una excepción

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    Re: Prepositions mixed types

    I'm afraid there is no simple answer. Many prepositions are collocations- there are no rules, just the habits of the speakers. It is an area that causes learners a lot of difficulty because it's a question of learning them. However, on the plus side, mistakes generally don't cause much confusion. Students often say 'married with', which doesn't impede comprehension. By and large, it is a matter of practising them.

    Click here for some preposition practice.
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